The Spirits of My Foremothers-Completed

I went on my weekly walk with my friend, Tammy, and shared with her that I felt I had ruined my painting. I had been told that the original outlay was beautiful. Now, I was feeling guilty that I may have lost my foremothers’ message forever. However, Tammy shared that my painting was where it was supposed to be. As we walked and I gazed upon the beautiful, autumn scenery I soon realized what I needed to do to keep the overseers’ message alive. Tammy helped me realize everything I do has purpose. When I returned from our walk, I picked up the paintbrush again and began to complete the painting. I soon realized I finally got the message. See, the women in the forefront are still here, alive and have purposes to fulfill. The foremothers are overseeing them, watching over them by surrounding the women with their auras.

The Spirits of My Foremothers_CompleteAs I began to complete the original painting, I saw the transformation of the women unfold. I began to feel as though I had interrupted the true message of the spirits of my foremothers. I began to add the colors to the figures and add the beautiful gold and silver details on their clothing. However, I felt something deeper was missing. I couldn’t figure out why the message seemed lost to me.

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