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The Overseers

I have spiritual guardians watching out for me, protecting and guiding me. It’s usually that soft breeze brushing my check or the soft whisper of my name.

The Life of a Happy Starving Artist

Unlike the very talent Van Gogh who died broke, miserable and minus an ear, I will not be unhappy. Millions have been made from Van Gogh’s paintings, which is quite sad. However, I will not be an unhappy or financially broke artist.

Soul Guides

Soul Guides© 2013
By Clarissa “Queen of the Pen” Burton

Red and pink flowers surrounded by earth ~ nature.
Purple and gold hints contrasted against Mother Brazilian Java.
My children and grandchildren embrace my tree of life.
Sometimes sad and distant; but nonetheless, my soul guides.
Felt so relaxed and relieved to release and breathe.
Never knew how liberating the stroke of a brush could be.
It makes me smile.


My intention for creating the painting was to create artwork that reflected my innermost spirit. I write to reflect on all the stories screaming to be released. The same goes for creating art. It tells the stories my writing struggles to tell.


While creating this piece, I listened to African music. This made it easier to paint. I followed the rhythms and just let my creativity flow. My piece represents my feelings for that particular day—remorse, peace, and acceptance. The highlight color that emphasized my innermost feelings was the Royal Blue. That color represents my remorse for miscommunications as well as forgiveness.