Elements of Nature

Yesterday, was a very artistically productive day. I wanted to paint representations of the four elements of nature: Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. I began with basic acrylic paintings; but soon realized more was needed to convey my messages. So, I opted to use glue, old newspapers, and plaster.

AIR (Easterly Air): For the element of air, I combined yellow and silver acrylic paints, glue, and old newspapers in an attempt to create a feather. It isn’t the best feather, but I’ll keep trying until I get it right!

Eastern Air-932x932

FIRE (Southern Sun): For the element of fire, I used acrylic paints, glue, old newspapers, and plaster. It turned out better than expected. I really like the texture, which brings out the vibrant orange and red hues.

Southern Sun728x727

EARTH (Earthly North): This painting was inspired by my visit to the Oak Park Conservatory. It’s basic but speaks of my connection to the beauty and serenity of being in nature as well as appreciating its healing powers.

Earthly North-1010x1011

WATER (Western Waves): This is my favorite of the four paintings. I missing being on the water and am anxiously awaiting my 2017 cruise. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy this painting created with acrylic paints, glue, old newspapers, and plaster.

Western Waves822x832

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